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Knowing the Truth About “Safer ...

Knowing the Truth About “Safer Sex”

Despite the government’s pressing campaigns on safer sex, it is quite surprising how the spread of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are still increasing. In fact, according to statistics, one in two young people who are sexually active will have STD by 25. What’s even alarming is that most of these individuals do not even […]

Boxers or Briefs: Infertility Myths B...

Boxers or Briefs: Infertility Myths Busted

If you’re a guy, you must have probably heard about the great debate on whether you should wear briefs or boxers.   In fact, a lot of boxer manufacturers claim that it would be better to use a boxer because it does not increase the risk of infertility, unlike briefs.   Some studies also claim […]

Women’s Best Friend: More Exciting Fa...

Women’s Best Friend: More Exciting Facts About Dildos

  For those who think that dildos are products of today’s generation, you are greatly mistaken.       Archaeologists have found several figurines resembling the male penis dating back to the Paleolithic era in caves which made for fertility goddesses. That’s like more than 2,000,000 years ago. The figurines are made of polished stone. They were […]

Orgasm Problems and Solutions | Be Se...

Orgasm Problems and Solutions | Be Sexually Satisfied

  Engaging into sex is about reaching your peak or having an orgasm. A sexual encounter where you didn’t experience orgasm is somehow useless. Aside from feeling unsatisfied, not having an orgasm makes you feel worn out and makes sex pointless.   Side Effects of Not Having Orgasm Not having orgasm during sexual intercourse has […]

Enjoy Fulfilling Sex: Easy Tips to Im...

Enjoy Fulfilling Sex: Easy Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

Every long-term relationships gets better with enjoyable sex. While relationships are not all about sex, the quality of the sex life you and your partner share has an impact on your love live. For example, one of the reasons why men break up with their partners is because they are not satisfied in terms of […]

Know How to Party Without Hurting You...

Know How to Party Without Hurting Your “Hardware”

Partying and sex really go well together. It would definitely be fun getting laid after an out-of-this-world party. With partying comes all the other stuff like drinking and smoking. While it definitely may make you feel stronger having a bottle of booze, having too much can definitely damage your hardware. You have probably been warned […]

How to Last Longer with Cock Rings

How to Last Longer with Cock Rings

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a larger and harder penis? Every man would definitely wish getting a better erection without having to take supplements or wait for a long time. Plus, if you have problems with pre-ejaculation, we’ve got the solution for you. Say hello to the cock ring!   Cock rings are rings […]

How to Increase Your Sperm Production

How to Increase Your Sperm Production

  Most men enjoy the pleasure, release and thrill that comes with a powerful ejaculation.  So it may be natural that many are also giving thought to the volume of sperm they release at the critical point and whether it may be possible to increase that.   After all, having possibly seen numerous porn stars […]

6 Sensual Threesome Tips for Perfect ...

6 Sensual Threesome Tips for Perfect Sex Party

      “Most may say that three’s a crowd but with these simple & easy threesome tips, it’s definitely going to be a party!”       Sex doesn’t have to be just for two. Sometimes, it can be for three or more. Engaging into threesomes has increased popularity in the last decade with […]

Enhanced Sex with Oral and Vagina Sim...

Enhanced Sex with Oral and Vagina Simulators

Take your sexual experience to the next level, alone or with a partner, with these oral and vagina simulators!   With the rise of modern technology, sex shops have definitely taken things to the next level. Sex toys now have all sorts of features like sucking or vibrating functions. Not only that, both men and […]

Lube Up & Butt Plug

Lube Up & Butt Plug

The anus is a very sensual zone which if stimulated can provide endless bouts of pleasure. Butt plugs can help you tap into this exciting erotic wonderland. You can either use them during sex or for fun in between romps. Butt plugs can be a way to enhance your orgasm or prepare yourself for anal […]

The Ultimate Sex Doll For You

The Ultimate Sex Doll For You

Dear desiring men, Our topic today is, drumroll please, sex dolls and masturbators! Whether you’re feeling lonely, just want a quick fuck or looking for a something that will last for many upcoming “rainy” nights, we have you covered.   If you’re lucky and are getting enough lovin’ as it is, sex dolls and masturbators […]

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