Women’s Best Friend: More Exciting Facts About Dildos

Dildo Show


For those who think that dildos are products

of today’s generation,

you are greatly mistaken.




Wooden Dildo

Archaeologists have found several figurines resembling the male penis dating back to the Paleolithic era in caves which made for fertility goddesses. That’s like more than 2,000,000 years ago. The figurines are made of polished stone. They were clearly representations of the penis because they had rounded shafts.

Aside from that, Greeks also started making dildos made of wood and leather about 2400 years ago. In fact, they used olive oil for lubrication.


Yes, dildos are not so new, they are things of the past too. They have evolved throughout the years to better serve the species of women. Yes, women. Unlike men, women are preconceived as the less sexual kind. Women would have to wait out for their men to come home in order to engage in sexual activity. Without their partners, women would have to hold back their sexual desires and needs.



Dildo and VibratorNot only does this feeling of frustration leave women unsatisfied, it has various physical and emotional effects too. But with the increasing appreciation for sex toys and dildos, women can enjoy pleasure without their men.

Beside dildos give give women the pleasure that they need, it also comes with tons of benefits:



  • Women become more knowledgeable about their body. The truth is, some women don’t enjoy sex because they don’t know what pleases them. In sex, both partners should learn how to communicate. If a woman does not know what makes her body tingle, her partner would have to try lots of things which might hurt the sexual relationship.


  • Women awaken their sexual interests. Some women don’t seem interested in sex. It’s not they are lacking in hormones, they have just not awaken their sexual interests. They are afraid to go out of their comfort zones. By using a dildo, a woman can work on those untapped s
    ources of sexual desires.


  • Women become more confident. With greater knowledge about their sexual needs, women can become more confident in bed. They’ll have a better idea on how to deal with the male genital. Plus, using dildos can become a great tool for sexual education.


  • Women reach orgasm faster. Dildos and other sexual toys help stimulate the body to achieve orgasm. With a dildo, women can pleasure themselves at their own pace and at their own satisfaction.


Dildo Mileage


With the emotional and physical benefits that come with using dildos, it’s no wonder why there is increasing appreciation of its use. However, it is important to remember some of these safety tips when using one:




  • Use a lubricant. It makes the experience feel more natural and pleasurable.


  • Use a condom for your dildo. It reduces the risk of allergic reactions or bacterial infection.


  • Make sure to clean it afterwards. Even if you’re using condom, it’s still important to get your toys cleaned.


  • NEVER EVER LET ANYONE USE YOUR DILDO. Dildos are like under wears, it’s not right to share them. Not only is it unhygienic, it can increase your risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases.


The growing acceptance of dildos is quite astonishing. Every day, more and more women are tapping on to their sexuality and exploring sexual desires with a dildo in hand. 

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