Knowing the Truth About “Safer Sex”

safer sexDespite the government’s pressing campaigns on safer sex, it is quite surprising how the spread of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are still increasing. In fact, according to statistics, one in two young people who are sexually active will have STD by 25. What’s even alarming is that most of these individuals do not even know they have STD.

Furthermore, it has been reported that new cases of STDs amounting to 19 million occur every year. Aside from STD, the statistics on unwanted pregnancies is also alarming. In fact, more than half of the pregnancies in US are unwanted.


If the campaigns of the government are pressing, how come statistics are not getting better? Maybe, it’s because a lot of the young people today do not really understand what it means to have “safer sex”.


So, what is really “safer sex”?

Safer sex is any sexual activity, which is not limited to sexual intercourse and involves kissing, cuddling, stroking or touching, that ensures the protection of you and your partner from STDs or unwanted pregnancy.


A lot of young people think that if you don’t engage into vaginal, oral or anal sex, you are already safe. That is not true. STDs can be acquired by kissing also. For example, oral herpes can be acquired through kissing and touching.


So, how do you practice safer sex?

First, you need to be aware of the sexual history of your sexual partner. Many STDs come from engaging into sexual activities with individuals they know nothing about. Although some diseases are curable and can be relieved, they can cause irreversible physical and psychological damages. It is advised that “medical clearance” should be acquired especially for polygamous sexual relationships.


Safer Sex with CondomSecond, use condoms. Condoms may have their limitations but they are the only contraceptive devices that can protect you from both STDs and unwanted pregnancies. For those wanting to prevent pregnancy, using other methods such as pills or diaphragms is highly advisable. Whether you’re doing vaginal, anal or oral sex, a condom should be used because STDs can be passed to the mouth too.


Third, practice discipline. The key to safer sex is discipline. Although it is important to engage with as fewer sexual partners, if possible only one, this can be hard especially if you’re the type of guy or gal who just wants to have sex. But, if you do really want to engage in sexual activities, be a man or woman enough to practice discipline. Be disciplined enough to put the condom before sex. Be disciplined enough to control yourself if you are not aware of the sexual history of the person you’re planning to have sex with. Discipline is the key.


So, what hinders safer sex?

Despite all the campaigns and tips on practicing safer sex, a lot of people still fail. Why? It’s because a lot of young people, even adults, lack the self-control to practice safer sex. They just rush right into without getting their equipment ready. Aside from the lack of self-control, some lack the knowledge of safer sex practices.

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Remember, ignorance of safer sex excuses no one and definitely won’t protect anyone from STDs and pregnancies.


While it’s so easy to get lost in the heat of the passion, remember this, sex is a lot better if it’s safe!




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