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Dear desiring men,

Our topic today is, drumroll please, sex dolls and masturbators! Whether you’re feeling lonely, just want a quick fuck or looking for a something that will last for many upcoming “rainy” nights, we have you covered.


If you’re lucky and are getting enough lovin’ as it is, sex dolls and masturbators can also do a lot to spice up your sex life. Here you can make up your own rules, whether you go for a svelte blonde bombshell or a lush tight pussy. All this without going out of bounds in your relationship and most of the time fun for both parties. The fantasy these sex dolls and masturbators provide is irresistible.

There are endless different types of masturbators and dolls which all have their pro’s and con’s. Let’s check them out and compare them:


Pocket sized pussies

pocket pussy

pocket pussy

We will start off with the quick fuck. Our first category covers simple masturbators. They come in various shapes such as pussies, asses, and even shapes that are not so obvious. (e.g. a sex egg). These toys don’t take much space and can be hidden easily everywhere.


- inexpensive

- easy to hide

- easy to clean


- just for a quick fuck

- just one body part (e.g. pussy)


$5 to $50


Full Body Parts

body part

body part

Pocket pussies are nice but they are a far fetch from the real deal.

If you want something bigger  and something you can grab onto you’ll probably go with one of these full body parts. Full body parts normally consist of the most sensual parts of the body and little more. These toys are bigger and still easy to hide.

The great thing is: you don’t have to hold these like you would the pocket pussy – the full body part can lie on the bed/counter/kitchen floor/wherever the hell you choose while you’re banging it.



- not as much “manual” labor

- more realistic than the pocket pussy

- easy to hide


- harder to clean than the pocket pussy

- just a body part


$25 to $300


The Real Doll

real sex doll

real sex doll

If you are looking for a more realistic companion a full body real doll might be just the right toy for you. They’re very realistic and are nearly as good as the real thing, and they won’t argue when you want to do it doggy style.

So enjoy a full ride on these realistic dolls!


- very realistic

- can have many special features

- you choose the perfect woman


- harder to clean than smaller toys

- hiding is more difficult

- expensive



Good real dolls cost at least $2.000 and can go up to $7.000. There are some out there for under $1.000 but they don’t feel or look as real.



In the end you need to ask yourself whether you want something that will last, something you can easily hide, or something in between.

If you just want a quick fuck now and then you should probably go with a pocket pussy. If you want to have something more serious and love the feel of certain body parts, go for the full body parts. When money is no object and you want something real go for the real doll.

If you’re short on cash and just want an easy and quick fuck TONIGHT without any hassle you can also build your own pussy. Everything you need, you can either find at home or buy at a corner store for under 5 bucks. We’ll show different methods of building your own pussy in one of our next articles, stay tuned!

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Which sex doll would you choose? Leave a comment with your favorite sex doll and/or masturbator!


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