The “Anvil” – Deeper Penetration Equals Better Sex


Considered to be one of the advanced positions, the “anvil” or sometimes call “shoulder lock”, is definitely not for stiff individuals. It’s a variation of the missionary where instead of being in the bed, the woman’s legs will on the man’s shoulders. This position may seem a little harder to do but it’s definitely worth if you want a penetration that will blow you out of your mind.

Sex Position: Anvil 

How To Do It

To achieve the position, the woman lies on her back. The man then kneels down between the woman’s legs and slowly penetrates her. While the position may seem hard for the woman, she can simply rest her legs on the man’s shoulder.


The out-of-this-world effect of this sex position will only work if the man is strong enough to support himself while thrusting just enough as to avoid causing the woman discomfort. Rocking side-to-side or up-and-down will definitely make the man hit that very elusive G-spot though.


Why You’ll Love It

While some may feel discomfort with the deep penetration, the anvil is just perfect for that. Any girl would melt as the penis hits that G-spot and any guy would just love the control and penetration he gets with this position.


Happy Ending

The anvil is definitely one of those male-dominant positions which aims to bring exquisite pleasure to both male and female. So, start stretching and get ready for the mind-blowing “anvil” position.


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