“Bend Over” – Deeper Penetration, Better Sex


If your partner is the flexible type and you just love doing the deed from behind, the bend over sex position is definitely for you. Plus, it’s going to change the way you feel when you here the phrase “bend over”. When you were young, hearing the phrase “bend over” from your parents would definitely mean something bad. But now, all it’s going to bring is extreme pleasure.


Sex Position: Bend Over 

How To Do It

The bend over is just the doggy style but this time, the man is standing up. The woman, on the other hand, will stand on all fours – 2 feet and 2 hands. This position requires flexibility for the woman and may cause a little disorientation at first.


It is important that the man starts slowly before going in for the big thrusts. Gain control over the movement by holding her ass firmly and thrusting as desired.


Why You’ll Love It

This position might be less intimate but it provides such an easy and deep penetration that women love. It gives so much pleasure to men too with that extreme contact between the vaginal walls and the penis. Plus, seeing the woman’s back, ass and hips can be really stimulating.


Happy Ending

Perfect for places where lying down positions might not be ideal, the bend over is one sure way to get primal with deep penetration.



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