The Butterfly – Sex Will Change You


If you’re looking for something new to bring to your bedroom, the “butterfly” is worth trying. It may require a bit of flexibility for the woman but the orgasmic experience is definitely more than worth it. So get ready and get naked. Try to fly like a butterfly. 


Sex Position: The Butterfly 

 How To Do It

The “butterfly” is just like the “t-bar” but this time, the woman’s legs rest on the man’s shoulder. It’s fairly easy to do. The woman simply lies on her back with her butt almost at the edge of the bed or table. She then raises her legs and the man penetrates her.


If the table or bed is just high enough, the pelvises become perfectly aligned which offers such intense erotic feelings. The man can simply thrust forward and pull backwards as intensely as possible. Plus, he can have access to her breasts if he doesn’t have his hands full. 


Why You’ll Love It

Women love it because they get to be lazy in this sex position. Plus, the penetration depth is also exquisite. And if the man knows how to perfectly thrust, the experience is going to be life changing.


Happy Ending

With the erotic experience both man and woman get from the butterfly position, they surely won’t forget about it. Plus, it can be done either in the bedroom or in the countertop, if you’re adventurous. 


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