The “CAT” – The Missionary But Better


Considered as one of the variations of the classic missionary position, this sex position uses the Coital Alignment Technique which aims to maximize clitoral simulation when having sex. Colloquially known as “grinding the corn”, an increased frequency in orgasm is observed using this position compared to the missionary.


Sex Position: Cat


How To Do It

Start with the missionary sex position. Spread your legs just enough for him to penetrate you. Watch as your partner moves upward allowing the penis to press against the clitoris. This alone will make sure you get the simulation you need.


It gets more interesting when your partner moves downward during penetration and upwards during the outward stroke. As your partner rocks back and forth, thrust your pelvis and sync with him. Experience the heat as base of the penis hits the clitoris.


Why You’ll Love It

With the pressure and contact experienced from the back and forth rocking motion plus the penetration of the penis from a higher angle, it’s definitely going to give you the orgasm that you want.


Happy Ending

Feel your pussy purr with this sex position that’s meant for maximum clitoral simulation. Move your bodies to the rhythm of the rocking motion as you reach your orgasm with the CAT position.


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