The “Chair” – Sexual Stimulation Like No Other


Whether you’re planning to have sex after dinner, during movie time or before going to sleep, this sex position will never fail you. It’s one of those sitting positions that allows intimate contact plus manual stimulation.


Sex Position: Chair


How To Do It

All you need is just a place to sit on and you’re prepped for the position. The man first sits with his legs apart, just enough to show his hardness. The woman sits on the man and allows him to insert his penis via the rear. She positions her legs over the man’s legs and leaves them hanging.


Mostly, it’s the man’s job to move up and down but the woman can do her part too. Plus, the experience gets better once he starts stimulating the woman’s clitoris or her breast.

Why You’ll Love It

That intimate body contact will just leave you breathless. Just pumping up and down while being manually stimulated in the breasts and in the clitoris will definitely leave any woman asking for more. The man also gets extreme pleasure from the pressure of every thrust and the weight of the woman.

Happy Ending

This position will change the way you look at your chair once you do the deed there. Simple to do, intimate, and definitely stimulating! 


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