The “Doggy” – Brings Out the Animal in You


Even the most mild-mannered of guys will get lost in the sexual experience with this position! The “Doggy” position, as the name implies, is a sex position imitating dogs as they do the deed. Or maybe, it was the dogs who imitated it from us.


Sex Position: Doggy


How To Do It

The woman simply gets down on the bed or on the floor using all fours. The man kneels behind, holds on the woman’s rear and plunges deep. The action really begins as the man plunges back and forth.

With this position, it’s the man that’s in control. Talking dirty as the man hits that G-spot will also make things more interesting.


Why You’ll Love It

Why would any girl hate it? The “doggy” is the perfect position for hitting that G-spot. The woman’s definitely going to crave for more after that G-spot orgasm. Plus, the guy will get so much pleasure from doing it from behind.


Happy Ending

The “doggy” can be done anywhere in the house. Just be sure if you’re alone though. As long as there’s a floor and two of you, you’re good to go. Easy to perform, perfect for orgasm, and definitely brings out pure sexual desire – the “doggy” will surely bring out the animal in you. 


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