The “Sliding Lady” – Let Her be in Control


The “Sliding Lady” is for men that look for a relaxing sex position: Imagine the pleasure of your woman climbing in bed as you rest. She moves up on top of you and does the deed. The only thing the guy has to do is to get his gear ready.


How To Do It

Fun sex doesn’t have to be complicated and this is one of the positions that can prove that. The guy simply lies on his back on the bed. His feet is on the floor. The girl simply strides on top of him and lets her vagina swallow his dick. This position is not about moving up and down; it’s about sliding forward and backward.


Sex Position: Sliding Lady 


Why You’ll Love It

Not only does the guy get to do nothing, he gets so much pleasure out of the sliding motion the girl does. The girl is equally satisfied too because her clitoris gets in intimate contact with the guy’s gear. Plus, she gets to control the depth and tempo of the movement.


One big plus of this position is that it allows the couple to be intimate contact with each other. Exchanging hot and searing stares with kisses is definitely better than just fucking.


Happy Ending

This position may not be so erotically out of this world but it does give way for intimate and romantic sex. It’s even nicer because you can talk to each other while you ride your way to pleasure.



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