The “T-Bar” – Just the Right Angle


When it comes to sex, penetrating at the right angle can be very liberating. With the T-bar, the man gets extreme access for G-spot stimulation. Just make sure the bed or table is just the right height so the experience becomes fully unforgettable.


Sex Position: The T-Bar


How To Do It

The “T-bar” is one of the easier sex positions. It doesn’t require much flexibility nor strength. It does require a bed or table.


First, the woman lies on the edge of the bed or table with her feet on the floor. The man goes in between her legs and penetrate her, either standing or kneeling. It’s important that the table or bed has the right height to achieve the right angle for G-spot stimulation. If not, pillows can be used or the man can simply hold up his woman’s body.


Why You’ll Love It

Everybody loves a sex position that offers G-spot stimulation. Plus, if the man’s hands are free, he gets to caress the woman’s breasts. Much better is it he manually stimulates her clitoris. More than that, both man and woman get a great view of their partner.


Happy Ending

Overall, the T-bar is perfect for bedroom sex or even dining room sex. If you got the right angle and great hands, nothing could go wrong. 


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