The “Rear Entry” – Two Options in One


If you’ve done spooning, the rear entry will not be new to you; it’s like spooning the other way around. This is also one of the several sex position perfect for women who love to be passive and like it when their man is in control.


Sex Position: Rear Entry


How To Do It

The woman simply lies on her stomach and spreads her legs just enough for the man. The man then gets in with his legs together and thrusts inside. It’s also just like the missionary position but this time, the woman’s back is facing the man.


It’s the guy who will do most of the work in this position but the woman can also contribute by raising for ass just a little bit to give the man a better angle.


Why You’ll Love It

This position is perfect for intimate and sensual sex. With the skin contact and the angle of the penetration, the experience is stimulating for both the man and the woman. Not only that, it’s a perfect position for shifting from vaginal to anal sex. Plus, it’s great for women who love feeling helpless as the man plunges deep.


Happy Ending

If the woman’s tired from work but the man is still fired up for some hot sex, the rear entry position is perfect. With the man in control and on top, there’s nothing that a woman can do but reach her orgasm with the rear entry position.


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